Saturday, July 16, 2005

Shining Xenophobia by Tony Blair

London was shocked to find out the recent bombing was performed by British instead of foreigners.

The response of the Prime Minister?

Let's keep out foreigners.

"We will look urgently at how we strengthen the procedures to exclude people from entering the UK who may incite hatred or act contrary to the public good, and at how we deport such people, if they come here, more easily,"
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Much like the reactions in the US - they have little to do with the actual event. Another shining example of what peril we are in is reflect in his initial comments after the bombing.

"Where there is extremism, fanaticism or acute and appalling forms of poverty in one continent, the consequences no longer stay fixed in that continent, they spread to the rest of the world."

Of course the bombers were fairly prosperous and British.

We are fighting a war based on stereotypes and rhetoric instead of reality.