Monday, February 14, 2005

US settles white males' bias suit

The Bush administration has taken a cynical approach to civil rights, equality, etc.

Try tried to put Linda Chavez, a person who doesn't believe in the policies she would have to enforce, into the cabinet. That's ideal for dismantling the programs. They argued the Michigan affirmative action program was quotas, even though it wasn't. And they feed into the crowd of people who dominate the economy and boardroom and govt who feel oppressed,

The Justice Department has agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit with as many as 550 white men for $11.5 million, a rare win for the class of lawyers who say they were not chosen for high-profile jobs because of gender and skin color.
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To be clear, I don't reject the idea they could have been discriminated against outright. It does seem, though, that it should have been tested in court. This case was a win for showing sympathy to a group of angst filled men. A win in court would have been actual vindication of their beliefs and claims.

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