Friday, March 18, 2005

Muslims Never Condemn Terror

I spent a small amount of time today addressing the question, "Why Muslims don't condemn terror?"

The short answer is - because of Islamophobia encouraging ignorance among some and willful hateful dishonesty by others - because Muslims do.

If you hear or read a public figure stating this question or presenting it as a statement of fact, especially someone with a staff and resources to do a basic search or read the newspaper - they are blatantly lying.

Here are some statements against violence. I didn't include the condemnations of violence specifically against Muslims, like Diallos murder, the burning of Mosques and killing or beatings of Muslims in western societies.

I hope everyone understands how bizarre the statements are in context. Imagine the NAACP being asked to apologize for violence in the Zimbawbe, or NCLR/LULAC for kidnappings in Colombia. Imagine these groups needing to condemn acts of foreign extrmist groups regularly and some to even compile lists of the condemnations to prove they happened.

Here is a good set of sites that actually collect statements. More than 200

Various condemnations of Nick Berg killing (including by conservatives and extremists)

Islamic Statements Against Terrorism in the Wake of the September 11 Mass Murders

Muslims Condemn Terrorist Attacks

Some by British Muslims

Muslims Around the World Condemn the Kidnapping of 2 French Journalists

Statement Of British Imams And Scholars On The September 11 Tragedy And Its Aftermath

Fight Terrorism, But Not Through Draconian Laws (1998)

MCB expresses total condemnation of terrorist attacks

MCB expresses total condemnation of terrorist attacks in US

MCB Condemns Attacks In Bali

MCB Condemns Bombings in Istanbul

Partnership Needed to Defeat Terror Threat Facing Us All

MCB condemns terrorist atrocities in Madrid

Muslims condemn reprehensible Nick Berg killing

Saudi Fatwas and statements against various specific acts and general acts of terrorism

19 fatwas against Sucide Bombings

Fatwa for Jihad to help Afghan civilians

Fatwa on Hijacking planes and kidnapping

4 Fatwa regarding 911

Fatwa to cut off hijackers, bombers, etc

Fatwa seeing martyrdom in those combatting drug dealers

250 Talked Out of Terrorism (discusses efforts to combat people going to terrorism)

Don't Abuse Jihad

Condemnation of some attacks in Saudia Arabia

Similar statement as above

Saudis Stand United Against Terrorism

American Muslims

American Muslim leaders ask that Jamil Al-Amin surrender to FBI

American Muslim group responds to bombinb of Iraq

U.S. Muslims condemn Church attack in Pakistan

CAIR condemns attacks on civilians

Don't link Hajj to terrorism say Muslims

CAIR condemns Istanbul bombings

U.S. Muslims meet Spanish ambassador to offer condolences

CAIR condemns mutilation of bodies in Iraq

Muslims Launch 'Hate Hurts America' Radio Campaign

CAIR launches 'Not in the name of Islam' petition drive

CAIR Condemns Iraq Church Bombings

CAIR Joins 'Call to Action' on Darfur Crisis

California Muslims Honor Author of Hate Crimes Resolution

ISNA Peace Mission to Sudan Meets with Sudanese Civic Organizations

CAIR-CAN Condemns Anti-Semitic Graffiti

CAIR'S 'Not in the Name of Islam' Petition

CAIR Condemns School Killings in Russia

CAIR Calls for Release of All Hostages in Iraq

CAIR-FL Takes Part in Civil Rights Summit

CAIR Condemns Attack on Baghdad Mosque

U.S. Muslims Urged to Help Tsunami Survivors

CAIR-NJ Offers Condolences to Coptic Community

Calif. Muslims Demand Release of U.S. Hostage in Iraq

CAIR-LA Co-Sponsors Civil Liberties Forum

CAIR-Houston Condemns Anti-Semitic Incidents

Official Linked with Book Praising Hitler to Speak in FL, NY

CAIR-NJ: Muslims Applaud Arrests in Slaying of NJ Family

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